Messaging AI for marketing teams

Conversions, not just clicks.

Automated marketing conversations on Facebook Messenger convert better than mobile landing pages.

Your Audience Is Mobile.

Ad Clickers click from their mobile device. 85% of Facebook Ad revenue comes from mobile. When people enter the marketing funnel, they do so on their phone.

Mobile Pages Don't Convert

No matter how responsive it is, a landing page on a mobile device will only convert 1/3-1/2 half as well as the desktop page. Pages just don't convert well on a phone.

Conversations Convert

Sending the clicker to an automated conversation converts better than sending the clicker to a landing page. @Mssg  conversations collect the same data & drive the same action as the page.

Messaging optimizes the marketing funnel for mobile.

Let's Go!

@Mssg helps marketers increase conversions and decrease CPAs. It's easy to connect @Mssg to an existing Facebook Ad Campaign or Page, measure the results and compare to baseline. Connect with us to discuss launching a pilot.


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Your Facebook Ads and Targeting

Drive clickers to a conversation

Response rates average 75%


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